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Cunt. Retard. Faggot.

peadar 17

I was doing a stand-up comedy show in Krakow recently where I used the word ”cunt”. Actually, I called a woman in the audience a cunt, repeatedly, using a tone of genuine annoyance. For those of you who think this is unjustifiable and have immediately cancelled their subscription to Notes from Middle-Earth, well, give me a minute and maybe I can make you see it from another angle.

Let’s take these three words – cunt, faggot, retard – regardless what you believe, a child in China doesn’t die every time such words are said in public.

But there is a current belief that the word ”retard” inspires hate and discrimination, especially against weaker minorities whose lives are tough enough as it is. To people in the Down Syndrome world, it is the equivalent of calling a black person a ”nigger”.

No-one should have words of hate directed at them, especially if those words are referring to a difficulty suffered by that person. My mother used to be labelled a ”cripple” owing to her left leg being pretty much useless. The term hurts her. It brings up painful memories and in my opinion it misrepresents her as someone who can’t move, drive, travel, or raise a family. She has and continues to do all of these things because her parents did not shield her from words or situations that would make her uncomfortable.

I think the word ”retard” should be available to use, no more so than when describing a healthy, able-bodied person acting in an irritating and stupid way, designed to offend or endanger others. For example; ”Donald Trump is such a retard!” Or if you can imagine President Duda drinking fourteen beers and then trying to drive his car, then you would call him a ”retard”. Not that he would ever do such a retarded thing.

If you consider the etymology of faggot, you might wonder what all the fuss is about – the term is used to describe a bundle of sticks but was given a derogatory value when directed at old ladies whose job it was to gather firewood. So a ”faggot” became anyone who could find no better life path than those old women. It took on its current form as a homosexual slur from English public schools where the younger boys would be used sexually by the older boys – what is known as ”fagging”. For me, faggot is a good word to use when describing a feckless, over-sensitive person either straight or gay and a lot more applicable than”bitch” which is the currently acceptable term used for this purpose. Perhaps ”faggot” should be reclaimed in a similar way to the word ”Queer”? Offensive for such a long time, it is now used positively by the LGBT community.

But what of ”cunt”? Considered by many to be the most offensive term in the English language, reducing women to their reproductive organs. Yet I have never ever heard ”cunt” being used to promote a woman’s sex organs at the expense of her other attributes. I have heard it used to describe people on the sliding scale of being intentionally very annoying or being extremely awful. Go to Glasgow or London and you’ll hear it all the time, usually by men to other men.

Cunt. I don’t see any difference from it and ”Prick”. Have I been called a prick by a woman? Many, many times, either because I was being very annoying or extremely awful. Of course they could have said, ”Peadar, you’re being extremely awful!” But they didn’t. They called me a ”prick”, because like cunt, the word is euphonic and directs an energy to the recipient that sanitized words cannot.

When Magda (the woman I called a cunt) took out her phone during my show and started reading from it, she was very annoying. She was being a cunt. Yesterday, I was reversing into a parking space and a guy drove up behind me and took it. He was being a cunt. The day before that, it was raining and I had to pay bills – it was a cunt of a day. So please, let’s stop being faggots about this and realize the word cunt isn’t such a bad thing.

But the big question is, would I apply the term ”cunt” to my daughters? No. They have never been intentionally very annoying. They have been unintentionally very annoying, and so I have often called them ”Polish”

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