How To Laugh At An Atomic Bomb

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By the end of this column I will have you laughing at the holocaust of Hiroshima. Or I will have offended you. It’s your decision really. But did you know that aside from the two atomic bombs dropped on the Japanese, US strategic firebombing during the last seven months of the war, resulted in 500,000 dead civilians and the destruction of 30 – 80% of all their cities?

Intercepted cable communications from Japan tell us that Emperor Hirohito was trying to negotiate a surrender during July 1945, but no, the Americans had a new toy to test. One that would send a message to Uncle Joe Stalin and thus the atomic age was unleashed without warning on an already defeated country. Be in no doubt, Japan was an abattoir, the Dresden experience writ large on an entire country. And more; the extermination of almost a quarter of a million people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki a war crime ignored by the greater part of world society.

Can you imagine the self-pity, bitterness and injustice that the Japanese must feel? No? Neither can the Japanese. They don’t do self-pity. They don’t waste time blaming. They move forward. They rebuild. Why is it then, that Poland is in the state it is currently in? Yes, the Poles also suffered horrendously during WW2. And like the Japanese you are a talented people, with great natural resources, located geographically at the most advantageous point in Europe. So why in 2015, do parts of Warsaw look like they have been hit by a plutonium core nuclear bomb? Why does the city of Zabzre with a population of 190,000, look like the epicentre of the world’s largest zombie conflict? Why do certain media outlets and politicians regurgitate the events of Katyn, the Warsaw Uprising and Smolensk as a celebration of Poland’s perpetual victimhood? And why, as I write this, is there a grown man, outside my window pissing into a bin in the park where my children play?

Truth be told this man is no worse than those who concocted Poland’s indolent health system that promotes corruption, or those who refuse to do anything about six of Poland’s cities being the most polluted in Europe. Believe me, it’s true, I’m surrounded by four of them and there are days when you have to chew the air and spit it out just before you can breathe it again properly. 

Japan’s schoolteachers doubled as Civil Defence volunteers in light of the country’s reaction to the tsunami and Fukushima nuclear plant explosion. On March11, 2011 the Tokiwa Prefectural Road outside of Tokyo was an untraversable disaster zone. On March15, 2011 repair teams had rebuilt a six-lane highway. That’s four days. Compare it to the length of time it took to build the A1 motorway in Poland. Then again, the Japanese construction workers weren’t constructing the road with substandard underfill while selling the good stuff on the black market.

The Cheat Culture is everywhere in Poland and it travels from the top down. It’s a tragedy that it is devouring modern day Poland. Thank God we have the Japanese and Tsutomo Yamaguchi to make us laugh. A truly lucky man, Tsutomo was minding his own business when the Enola Gay dropped her payload on Hiroshima. As the city was coping with the carnage, he was one of the injured few put on a train to another city where he could receive better treatment. The destination of his train?

Nagasaki. Three days later, he survived the second attack and lived to the ripe old age of 93. But ask yourself, what is the truly amazing thing about that story? Think hard. What is it?

What’s really amazing is that Hiroshima was hit by an atomic bomb and the train system was still working. And on time too, I’ll bet.

Okay, did I make you laugh? Or smile? Did I?

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